Fitness Boot Camps for Women in Roseville, Lincoln and Rocklin

Build your fitness levels up BRIK by BRIK in our 6 week workout and nutrition program designed for women. Learn more about how you can add some intensity into your life.


Cross Training for Women in Roseville, Lincoln and Rocklin

Promote cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength with our dynamic 5 week program. Isn't it time about time you changed your life to the CORE? Get started now!


Running Training for Women in Roseville, Lincoln and Rocklin

Start the weekend off bright and early with a run outdoors and get your body primed for performance Find out more about how we can help you improve your speed and agility.

Welcome to Kaia F.I.T.!
Women’s only fitness in Roseville!

Kaia F.I.T.’s mission is to create strong bodies and powerful minds not only in Roseville but across Placer County. We are a women only fitness program specializing in delivering personalized training in a group atmosphere.

As a team of women working together we accomplish our fitness goals and realize our full potential, both physically and mentally, through exciting and innovative fitness programs specially designed for and by women.  We believe in motivation and inspiration through camaraderie and creating a positive and supportive fitness community.

We recognize and respect the importance of functional fitness and teach healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.